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Operations involves assuring that the facility's infrastructure and how it is used and managed provides a satisfactory work environment, is in compliance with laws and regulations, meets financial performance goals, reflects efficient utility services and costs, and protects the surrounding community and environment.

Maintenance deals with assuring that all of the elements of the infrastructure are serviced so they operate efficiently and are reliable and safe. It includes scheduling and conducting regular, periodic predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance activities.

Our main focus when it comes to Operations & Maintenance is to deliver results by implementing the following:

  • Assess the condition of the facility systems, structure, interiors, exteriors and grounds.

  • Manage/oversee facility operations and maintenance (hard) services.

  • Manage/oversee occupant (soft) services such as custodial, parking and security.

  • Develop specifications and performance requirements for services and select the best resources.

  • Measure, manage and plan for performance, efficiency, sustainability and mission-related expectations. 

What is Operations & Maintenance?
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